We are the technical team members that you’ve always wanted. With a blend of technical expertise and pragmatic development, we help you to innovate and still get work done on budget and on time.
Develop Your Solutions
If you have a vision, don’t take chances. We’ll help hone it and build your application in a pragmatic way that leads to success.
Applications & APIs
We’re a team experienced in building high quality web and mobile applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand the importance of seamless integration and communication between different software systems. Our team can help you connect your software to external services or build your own custom APIs.
Architecture and Design
We excel in crafting scalable, maintainable, and secure software architectures that align with your business objectives and adapt to evolving requirements. Our clients trust our expert guidance to construct the foundational structures that promise resilience, future growth, and flexibility.
Hosting & DevOps
Finding the right hosting solutions can be a challenge, especially when working with budget constraints. We’ll work closely with you to recommend the best hosting solution for your unique needs and goals.
Artificial Intelligence
We understand what it takes to make AI production ready – and that’s harder than you might expect.
Custom LLM Integrations
We partner with business and technical leaders to integrate AI into production solutions while boosting AI skills within client teams at the same time. Our team knows how to turn Proofs of Concept into finished, production-grade software, which can be a steep climb without the right expertise. By offering co-development support with our experienced AI engineers, we help your team deliver successful products and expand their knowledge and skills.
Technical Review
We look at how your organization collaborates, adapts to changing requirements, sets deadlines, and consistently produces quality work.
Technology & Process
Are you grappling with persistent issues in your current development? Do you find your project hovering at the brink of completion without making that final leap? Is your development team falling short on delivery deadlines, or does the product seem inadequately tested? The challenges you face could stem from various sources – the development process, communication gaps, team dynamics, or other interconnected factors. At TechEmpower, we have the expertise to diagnose the root of these issues and guide your development efforts back onto a successful trajectory.
Fractional CTO / VPE
Plot technology strategy, get development projects back on track, and build development teams.
Technology Strategy & Leadership
Many organizations don’t need a full-time CTO. But you need someone to work with the executive team to set technology strategy, build the right team, and execute. A fractional CTO is the CTO you want at the right price. TechEmpower provides experienced fractional CTOs and VPEs who step into the role to define technology strategy and provide technical leadership. We believe in delivering strategies that work, and more importantly, taking the helm to ensure their effective execution. Our approach focuses on answering critical questions, such as estimating costs, optimizing development efficiency, and phasing development to maintain a balance among costs, features, and risks. Alongside strategic advice, our technical leadership ensures that you explore and evaluate your options thoroughly, creating systems that foresee and adapt to market changes while securing a competitive edge. From identifying and mitigating technical risks to conducting necessary technology research, we lead the way in recommending and implementing the most suitable technologies, frameworks, and methodologies. TechEmpower offers actionable leadership to ensure your tech ambitions become successful realities.
Augment Your Team
Whether you need extra developers, a team lead, or a systems architect, TechEmpower has the resources and experience to help you out.
Developers play an instrumental role in materializing your technological aspirations. At TechEmpower, our incredible developers come equipped with a vast array of expertise across diverse technologies, programming languages, and development frameworks. They are experts in full-stack (front-end, back-end, DevOps) development, which ensures all aspects of your software project are seamlessly covered.
Technical Leadership
Technical leadership is the backbone of development success. Our technical leads and system architects possess deep technical knowledge coupled with leadership skills. They act as an extension of your team, interfacing between your business objectives and the technical execution required to achieve them.