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AI is a rapidly evolving field, with new tools, technologies, and research emerging daily. This constant innovation presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses seeking to harness AI’s potential. Staying ahead requires a deep understanding of the latest advancements and the ability to transform them into real-world products. Our team is committed to continuous upskilling. This helps ensure our clients’ AI projects are both innovative and offer real value.

We understand what it takes to create Proof of Concepts and then get them production ready – and that’s harder than you expect. Successful AI implementations require hands-on expertise in more than just basic prompt engineering. Our team has worked with clients through RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation), fine-tuning, guardrails, confidence scoring, regression testing, observability, cost optimization, and AI security and compliance.


Many engineering teams are ready to move forward on AI, but struggle to get to production-ready software. It’s a challenge – but TechEmpower can help! Through our co-development approach, we provide expert AI engineers to help your team deliver successful products while building their skills and domain knowledge.

We can also fill other gaps on your team: data engineering, web/mobile frontends and backends, architecture, devops, and whatever else is required for success. Partnering with TechEmpower gives you access to expertise in both AI and web technologies.

What our clients say

TechEmpower worked closely with the founding team to create a very impressive early version of our AI healthcare solution in just 6 weeks. This quick win made it possible for us to secure an initial funding round from AI Fund. Post-funding, we engaged TechEmpower to lead the development effort of our overall AI solution and with their help, we were able to go live with our first customer in 4 months.

TechEmpower has been an amazing partner. Their senior staff members have the skill to take complex AI / LLM / RAG applications from idea to production. We're now working alongside TechEmpower to expand our engineering team, setting the stage for our next growth phase.

I have started a number of tech companies, including 2 prior companies that used TechEmpower and were very successful. I use TechEmpower because they are the best technical team I’ve worked with. They build solutions faster and are able to flex to meet our business and product needs.

David Norris
David Norris
Founder in Residence
AI Fund
TechEmpower helped us to quickly reach some key milestones we wanted to hit. They have been easy to work with, flexible and competent. TechEmpower is a great partner for AI and GenAI based applications.
Yves Lermusiaux
Yves Lermusiaux