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Mental Wellness

With a passion to improve and sustain mental health with a gym-like structure, the founders of myStrength developed a unique regimen for maintaining mental wellness with the help of leading psychologists.

TechEmpower worked closely with MyStrength on its technology and development strategy culminating in a consumer-oriented mental wellness site that features both psychology standards such as DASS21 and proprietary profiling tools. A training content path is tailored to the needs of the user and is reinforced by motivational material, reminders, exercises, and interactive worksheets.

TechEmpower implemented the system to scale for the future and has remained a key partner of myStrength as they’ve grown as a company.

The Bouqs Co.

Farm-Fresh Flower Delivery

Subscription programs are great for customers and a reliable source of revenue. It is therefore no surprise that Bouqs, the trendy online flower delivery service, elected to build a subscription platform. TechEmpower implemented this as a responsive web application integrated with the Bouqs platform.

Customers subscribe to flower delivery based on intervals and seasons (suitable for office environments or big fans of flowers) as well as for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries (good for the rest of us). The application is extremely tailored to the human element, understanding that people sometimes forget even their family members’ birthdays. Reminders, placeholders, recommendations, nudges, and all manner of mechanisms help make sure that both the recipients are happy and the sender feels good about themselves.

The Bouqs Co.
The Bouqs Co.
Clara for Daters

Intentional Dating Journal App

Clara For Daters is a mobile application to help daters track prospects, dates, and ultimately improve their dating life. With a user-first approach, the mobile application tailors its recommendations to how the user wants to date by using cutting edge AI technologies to help daters come up with their perfect date-marketing material. In addition, Clara users can opt into services that empower date coaches to help them level up their game.

TechEmpower provided ground-up support to build the entire Clara For Daters technology stack – from the first line of code, to the powerful dating management tool it is today.

Keslow Camera

Camera and Equipment Rental House

Keslow Camera services the Movie and TV industry as one of the premier camera and equipment rental houses, with a huge inventory and offices across the US and Canada.

Tracking, updating and maintaining this inventory was being handled by a severely outdated database and backend, so Keslow launched a company-wide initiative to bring the system up to date. The challenge was they had no one to manage this significant undertaking, so TechEmpower was called on to assess the current state of development, identify key risk areas, coordinate efforts between stakeholders and third party developers, and manage the full development effort through launch.

This was particularly challenging as the stakeholders were comprised of a wide range of internal departments, each with their own unique requirements, as well as a hesitancy by the staff to embrace change while keeping the fast-paced business going, so TechEmpower worked closely with each department head to ensure their specific needs would be met, with as little disruption on ongoing business as possible. Since the launch, the business has continued to add new locations and the updated system has proven more than capable of handling the expansions.

Drum Channel

Online Learning Platform for Drums

Created by one of the leading Drum products manufacturers in the world, Drum Channel is an industry leading resource for education and entertainment, featuring the DC Academy with over 2,000 online lessons for drummers of all skill levels, and a wide array of performances and interviews with leading drummers from all corners of the music world.

Originally developed on WordPress, the site had become highly customized and difficult to maintain, so TechEmpower was brought in to perform a complete site assessment and update, including significant modifications to outdated code, implement security enhancements, modify existing plug-ins to enable regular updates, and provide numerous UX enhancements both for end users, and for admins to more easily update and add content on a regular basis.

TechEmpower continues to work with Drum Channel on both strategy and feature implementation as they look to expand the range of their offerings, and greatly increase their already significant user base.

Drum Channel
Drum Channel
Veggie Book

Cooking Education App

Veggiebook, originally developed at the University of Southern California, is an education application that is designed to help users create customized, healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The application allows users to create VeggieBooks, or recipe books built around different vegetables and their cooking method. The application poses a series of questions, intended to help guide users to recipes and preparation methods best suited to their particular needs and lifestyles.

TechEmpower worked closely with this non-profit organization to help build, test and improve the application for both Android and iOS, and to successfully deploy them to the app stores. Following the initial release, TechEmpower has continued to help develop customized versions of the application for various partners.

Veggie Book

Online Personal Shopping

MyShape allowed female shoppers to provide their measurements and fit preferences to be provided a personal store with off-the-rack apparel that will fit.

TechEmpower worked alongside MyShape to design the core systems and technology that took users through an easy registration and measurement process and resulted in a “personal shop” filled with products guaranteed to be a great fit. A combination of measurement compatibility and self-selected preferences were used to filter a catalog of products while still yielding a selection that encouraged browsing.

TechEmpower was instrumental in getting MyShape launched quickly and very successfully. After launch we helped transition day-to-day development to an in-house team.

My Shape
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