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Director of Infrastructure, Systems Architect
Hi! I’m Alan Laser, software architect and Fractional CTO at TechEmpower. My 20 years in tech have prepared me to handle software challenges across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I manage projects, design and develop software, and work with clients to understand their needs.
I also lead teams on our Technical Review service, where we spotlight and address challenges within your development environment
It’s my job to make your idea into quality software. No matter what stage your company is at, I’m committed to making it safe for you to innovate. Do you have an idea for an AI app? Click below to schedule a time to talk!
Senior Systems Architect
Hello! I’m Nate, a Fractional CTO/VPE at TechEmpower. I lead technical teams to develop and scale cutting-edge software.
My mission is to ensure that your technology aligns with your business goals. That means leading from the boardroom and the trenches alike. My 10+ years of hands-on development experience have given me the insight to demystify tech jargon for founders – and business jargon for developers.
In the open-source world, I’m proud to maintain the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks, the industry-standard performance ratings for web server frameworks. Let’s innovate together. Book a 15-minute meeting!
Director of Engineering
Greetings, Mike here! As TechEmpower’s Director of Engineering, I provide the leadership that keeps our technical team pushing boundaries. It’s my job to keep us ahead of industry standards.
In my 17+ years at TechEmpower, I’ve directed engineering teams on multimillion-dollar projects, served as a fractional CTO, served as the principal engineer at the core of our tech strategy, and led and mentored teams of all sizes.
To succeed in tech, you need to ABL – always be learning. That’s why I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree in computer science. My aim is to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
Senior Systems Architect
Hello there! I’m Ariana Aguirre, Sr. Systems Architect and employee development leader at TechEmpower. Engineering excellence and nurturing growth are my twin passions.
My tech experience includes hands-on programming across the stack, from infrastructure-as-code all the way to the front end. I’ve also led internal and external development teams on web applications serving millions of users.
Away from the keyboard, I help guide our team members’ career journeys. Our goal is to ensure that everyone at TE has skills, confidence, and opportunity to be top-tier developers.
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