As of 2018-03-13, Azure results for Round 15 have been posted. These were not available when Round 15 was originally published.

What better day than Valentine’s Day to renew one’s vow to create high-performance web applications? Respecting the time of your users is a sure way to earn their love and loyalty. And the perfect start is selecting high-performance platforms and frameworks.

Results from Round 15 of the Web Framework Benchmarks project are now available! Round 15 includes results from the physical hardware environment at Server Central and cloud results from Microsoft Azure.

We ❤️ Performance

High-performance software warms our hearts like a Super Bowl ad about water or an NBC Olympics athlete biography.

But really, who doesn’t love fast software? No one wants to wait for computers. There are more important things to do in life than wait for a server to respond. For programmers, few things are as rewarding as seeing delighted users, and respecting users’ time is a key element of achieving that happiness.

Among the many effects of this project, one of which we are especially proud is how it encourages platforms and frameworks to be fast—to elevate the high-water marks of performance potential. When frameworks and platforms lift their performance ceiling upward, application developers enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of knowing they control their applications’ performance fate. Application developers can work rapidly or methodically; they can write a quick implementation or squeeze their algorithms to economize on milliseconds; they can choose to optimize early or later. This flexibility is made possible when the framework and platform aren’t boxing out the application—preemptively consuming the performance pie—leaving only scraps for the application developer. High-performance frameworks take but a small slice and give the bulk of the pie to the application developer to do with as they please.

This Valentine’s Day, respect yourself as a developer, own your application’s performance destiny, and fall in love with a high-performance framework. Your users will love you back.

Love from the Community

Community contributions to the project continue to amaze us. As of Round 15, we have processed nearly 2,500 pull requests and the project has over 3,000 stars on GitHub. We are honored by the community’s feedback and participation.

We are routinely delighted to see the project referenced elsewhere, such as this project that monitors TCP connections that used our project to measure overhead, or the hundreds of GitHub issues discussing the project within other repositories. We love knowing others receive value from this project!

More Immediate Results for Contributors

When you are making contributions to this project, you want to see the result of your effort so you can measure and observe performance improvements. You also want/need log files in case things don’t go as expected. To help accelerate the process, we have made the output of our continuous benchmarking platform available as a results dashboard. Our hardware test environment is continuously running, so new results are available every few days (at this time, a full run takes approximately 90 hours). As each run completes, a raw results.json file will be posted as well as zipped log files and direct links to log files for frameworks that encountered significant testing errors. We hope this will streamline the process of troubleshooting contributions.

We used run ed713ee9 from Server Central and run a1110174 from Azure.

In Progress

We are working to update the entire suite to Ubuntu 16 LTS and aim to be able to migrate to Ubuntu 18 LTS soon after it’s available. This update will allow us to keep up with several features in both hardware and cloud environments, such as Azure’s Accelerated Networking. Watch the GitHub project for more updates on this as they arrive!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of the contributors! Check out Round 15 and if you are a contributor to the project or just keenly interested, keep an eye on continuous results.