TechEmpower was founded in 1997 with the mission of “Making it Safe to Innovate.” We do this two ways:

1. Development: building smart technology solutions

Clients ranging from early-stage start-ups like eHarmony to enterprises such as HP, IBM, and Xerox have trusted us to work closely with them and their teams to transform their innovative ideas into smart web/mobile applications and we've succeeded, every time. Our clients' ideas are often a bit bold, ambitious and technically deep.

If you have a concept and want to be sure that it will get built the right way, don't take chances. TechEmpower will help you to hone your vision and then build the application in a pragmatic way that leads to success. We also are experts at working with broader teams including building up in-house teams so that ultimately you not only have a functioning application, but you have a right-sized, right-skilled technical team.

Your business has enough risks; don't make development another risk.

2. Outsourced CTO: from technology strategy to troubleshooting

Whether you have no developers or an internal or outsourced development team, it helps to have experts helping to direct the action and make sure things head in a good direction. Led by our founder Dr. Tony Karrer, our outsourced CTO practice helps you plot technology strategy, avoid minefields, get development projects back on track, build development teams, and perform technical due diligence.


TechEmpower's founder, Dr. Tony Karrer, is a former professor of Computer Science at Loyola Marymount and a thought leader within the Los Angeles CTO and Internet startup communities. His background is a unique combination of formal computer science knowledge and years of practical experience developing complex, innovative systems that power online businesses.

We understand how to help early-stage startups trying to get their MVP into the market as well as scaling it to millions of users. We also know how to work with middle market and Fortune 500 companies launching significant projects that must hit the mark and work correctly on day one.

In business since 1997, TechEmpower has worked with a wide range of customers:

  • Startups such as eHarmony, for whom we were both outsourced development firm and CTO for 4 years; Luna Imaging, Design-A-Shirt, LoanToolBox, LivePlanet, and PhotoZone.
  • Mid-size organizations such as Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (emmys.org), Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Loyola Marymount University, Senn-Delaney, Lieberman Research, Adaptec, and GKM Ventures.
  • Large companies such as Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Citibank, HP, IBM, New York Life, GM, Microsoft, Hilton, PacifiCare, WellPoint, Granite Construction, Universal Music Group, Xerox, Yamaha and Symbol Technologies.

We've worked on a wide variety of solutions—from personalized ecommerce to hotel web sites, from a survey-based marriage-matching site to a complex integrated customer relationship management solution and asset management solution.

The TechEmpower Advantage

A hallmark of our work is a blend of teamwork with our clients, pragmatic technical choices, getting projects done right, on-time and on-budget, and ultimately helping our clients achieve success.

The advantages of choosing our team include...
Technical expertise that takes the risk out of innovation

When you're creating the future, the safest choice is a team that's been there. We have experience with the most advanced web, mobile and software solutions, from big databases to complex international CRM and asset management. Our people are veteran architects and great developers, collaborating with you to realize your vision.

Pragmatic Development: on-strategy, on-time and on-budget

Our pragmatic approach keeps it real. We focus on what matters. We build solutions that are functional, friendly, on-time and on-budget. Our proven process combines best practices from disciplines such as software engineering, user-experience design, performance engineering, and eLearning.

Quality: a 100% success record

We use a process that ensures quality results and a 100% success rate in translating our clients' goals into reality. We involve, advise, and inform you at every stage, from requirements capture, to design, to prototyping, and thorough testing. We achieve the right mix of firm control and client-focused flexibility.

A Team Player

Our clients tell us that working with TechEmpower is a positive experience and that our people are an integral part of the team. We also know how to work well with in-house developers. Everyone will enjoy the process.